We provide in-depth fundamental off-the-shelf and bespoke analyses on industry dynamics and company value drivers. All of our research is prepared by veteran analysts in line with our clearly defined quality standards.




Primavenue is an owner-run research boutique. Our hallmarks are freedom & independence, both financially and intellectually. We focus on content origination and set our own analytical agenda.




We offer a comprehensive, fact-based resource as a basis for your decisions. Our modular product and service offering has been designed to meet the needs of institutional investors, industry executives & consultants.


Primavenue in Brief 


Primavenue is an independent, owner-run research boutique founded in 2012. We are based in London, UK.

We provide in-depth fundamental analysis and consulting services.


Our modular product and service offering has been desigend to meet the needs of institutional investors, industry executives & consultants.

Our flexible commercial model combines attractive terms with convenient on-demand access.


Founder & Director Marietta Miemietz, CFA is a seasoned pharmaceutical research analyst with a dual academic background (finance and science).

She is fluent in English, French & German. 


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Your benefits


We have asked portfolio managers (PMs), buyside analysts and other members of the investment community how they use and value our pharmaceutical research. Each of the quotes below highlights a different application.


The Buyside on Company & Sector Dynamics

In the current market environment, more than ever we are looking for independent and thought-provoking research. We want to know what the next big trends are and not just where the pharma industry stands at the moment. We want to know the issues facing the companies as well as the opportunities they may benefit from in the future. This is exactly what Primavenue gives us. We greatly appreciate their unbiased opinions and sharp industry insights and would be delighted to see the company expand into other sectors.

Rossitza Haritova, Portfolio Manager, Convertible Bonds and Distressed Debt, Credit Suisse Asset Management


The Buyside on In-depth Company Reserach

Key characteristics of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry include pressure to stay ahead in the innovation race, long development timelines and a high degree of regulation. The evaluation of the resulting complex value chain requires a lot of experience and analytical skill by the individual analyst. Examples include the assessment of a firm’s intellectual property position, an understanding of clinical trial design as well as reliable forecasts of a product’s commercial potential. We rate Primavenue highly with respect to all of these core competencies.

Dr. Wolfram Eichner, Healthcare Portfolio Manager and Co-Founder, Apus Capital


The Audit Profession on Research & Corporate Reporting

We often benefit from Marietta’s views on a wide variety of corporate reporting matters, especially as they impact the pharmaceutical sector. Her insight and analytical skill have been very helpful for our understanding of what users of company accounts need, both from the companies themselves and from us as auditors.

Assurance partner, Big 4 accounting firm


The CFA Institute on Bespoke Work

CFA Institute engaged Marietta Miemietz, CFA to author The Pharmaceutical Industry, an industry primer designed for investment professionals, because of her broad experience and demonstrated expertise. We found her firm grasp of pharmaceutical industry dynamics and keen analysis of industry trends to be invaluable.

David Larrabee, CFA Institute


Private Equity on Bespoke Work

 The company report by Primavenue provides unbiased analysis and valuation with all potential risks and upsides of our technology and business model. Primavenue’s deep insight into the life sciences industry gives a very good overview of the market environment and competing technologies. We are using the report in our communcation with investment banks and investors and got very positive feedback on the report. We very much appreciated the discussions with Primavenue and their sector expertise and opinions. I highly recommend Primavenue as an excellent analyst.“

 Rainer Sturm, CFO numares AG (privately held company at the time of the publication of the report)


Marietta's publications and speeches


While Primavenue's research is available exclusively to our clients and special advisors, various publications and appearances by our company founder & director Marietta Miemietz are in the public domain. Selected publications and speeches are available via the links below. Please note that we do not take responsibility for the content of any external websites.  


Life Science Venturing

Marietta co-authored the chapter Pharma-/Life Sciences Investments in this German language publication.

Life Science Venturing


CFA Pharmaceutical Industry Guide

Marietta is the author of the CFA Institute's Pharmaceutical Industry Guide. This book is available on amazon amongst others. 

CFA Pharmaceutical Industry Guide


Accounting for M&A: ICAEW Information for Better Markets Conference 

Marietta provided a practitioner view on accounting for M&A at the December 2015 Information for Better Markets Conference of the Institute for Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW).  

Webcast of Marietta's presentation

Transcript of Marietta's speech

Reflections on the conference including Marietta's presentation are available on the ICAEW website under the blog of CEO Brian Singleton-Green.

ICAEW CEO comment


IASB interview for investor newsletter

Marietta is co-chair of CFA UK's Financial Reporting & Analysis Committee (FRAC) and serves on the IASB's Capital Markets Advisory Committee (CMAC). In an October 2015 interview with the IASB, she shared some thoughts on the Corporate Reproting debate.   

Interview in IASB newsletter


CFA UK event on Independent Research

Marietta presented a practitioner's view at CFA UK's September 2015 recorded event "The pros and cons of independent research".  

Independent research event overview


Humorous investment banking thriller "Off-Site"

And finally, on the lighter side of research, Marietta is the author of the fiction novel "Off-Site" that combines humor and suspense as a bank's research analysts spend a bank holiday weekend in a remote location in Cornwall. Available on amazon.

Off-Site in English

Off-Site in German (Das Seminar)


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